Quick Budgeting Tips That’ll Save You Big!

Quick Budgeting Tips

Helping you make better spending decisions is a primary purpose of this blog. Sticking to them is the other.  These budgeting tips require little time and effort, but will have a major impact on your savings account.

There are a two ways your brain is hard-wired that make better spending decisions hard.

  • Adaptation to pleasure
  • Mis-predicting pleasure

Budgeting Tips – Adaptation to Pleasure

Our brains are hardwired to notice novelty. When an experience is new you get a lot of pleasure Quick Budgeting Tips For Being Happyfrom it. As you continue to have the same experience, you get less pleasure from it over time. Pleasure turns to comfort, and disappointment can set in. “I thought this would make me happier. Now I’m disappointed because I’m not as happy with this as I thought I would be.”

The second reason we adapt to pleasure is that our reference point changes. Maybe you get a new job and you’re making $10,000 more a year than you were before. You’re thrilled. Then you find out that you’re making 5% less than the next newest employee. Now you aren’t thrilled – your reference point has changed. Instead of comparing to what you used to make, you are now comparing to what you could be making.

Budgeting Tips – Mispredicting Pleasure

We consistently predict that things will make us happier or more miserable than they actually do.

The extreme example of this is lottery winners vs. accident victims. Several studies in psychology show that the strongest predictor of a person’s level of happiness after their circumstances change is their level of happiness before the change. Of course, this isn’t true immediately after the change, but over time people tend to revert to a sort of happiness “setpoint”.

Of course, accident victims are less happy than they were before – the point is the different is MUCH smaller than anyone would expect.

And this more recent study also confirms that the immediate impact of change in circumstances is much bigger than the long-term effect.

Daniel Kahneman calls this the hedonic treadmill. We seek pleasure, and novel experiences provide it, but then we adapt and the pleasure turns to comfort. We continue to seek pleasure, but now it takes another new thing to produce it, so we are always on the treadmill looking for the next “hit”.

Better Spending Decisions – The 5-Minute Solution

Budget Calculator
Budget Calculator – Create a Budget in Less Than 5 Minutes!

OK, so you’d like to get off the treadmill, but you still want to experience the pleasure, right?  This simple practice can help you make better

First, become mindful of your spending AND how much enjoyment it brings you. Just writing down what you spent helps you budget, but it doesn’t help you evaluate how your budget fits into your life.

Personal note: Those “write down everything you spend for 30 days” journal suggestions used to make me crazy! I hate!!! keeping records (you’ll hear me say that often). However, this way is relatively painless and it helps me learn more about what spending decisions are satisfying over the long term and which ones are not.

How to Implement These Budgeting Tips

Ourdebtfreelives’s website has a lot of great articles on creating a budget.  Regular bills don’t usually factor into your “joy index” unless you buy a new house or do something else unusual. For example, this week I bought a new cell phone and case, an exercise ball and a poster with exercises on it. I added those items to my spreadsheet, but not the regular monthly bills I paid.

Here are your columns:

  • item
  • category
  • amount
  • was it a need or a want?
  • Joy index – scale of 1 – 10
  • 1 mo. followup joy index
  • 3 mo. followup joy index (unless 1 month was 0)
  • 6 mo. followup joy index (unless 3 month was 0)

You can track this daily or weekly (I enter any new items daily, but only review once a month). If you wait longer than that it will probably seem like a bigger chore than it is. Over time, as you watch your satisfaction with each item decrease it becomes a little easier to remind yourself before you spend the money that the joy you experience from any given purchase is probably going to be short-lived.  Another way to increase savings is by increasing your income.  We have a great article on Sideline Business Models to get you that extra income.


Budgeting Tips – Final Thoughts

Give yourself time for this to make a difference in your spending decisions. Some of the research in this area used professors in the field as test subjects and they were no less prone to mis-predict pleasure or to adapt to it than others who were not familiar with the concept. If even the professionals fall for this, you shouldn’t get too down on yourself when it happens to you.

Curious if there is a way to reduce adaptation? Funny you should ask – keep reading to discover two simple practices that can reduce adaptation and get you enjoying your life more.

Sideline Business Models – Choose Carefully

Sideline Business Models

It’s time to look at sideline business models – you’re almost done! You’ve thought about what you want from the business and what the business will want from you. Now it is time to choose a business model. Don’t panic – this isn’t as complicated as the term might make it sound. A business model is just how you plan to operate the business.

Sideline Business Models Simplified

The questions you must answer are the same questions you would answer when planning a party – see, this isn’t hard!

How Much?

This cycles back to your desires and resources. How much will you have to invest to get your business going. Whether online or in the physical world, you can start many businesses VERY inexpensively. Chris Guillebeau’s The $100 Startup (yes, it’s another affiliate link – if you click it and buy something I’ll make some money – it’s part of my business model) highlights many inspirational entrepreneurs who started with very little money and built successful businesses.

I can’t remember the exact quote or even who said it, but I remember reading where some famous entrepreneur said that having a lot of startup money is actually a hindrance because you aren’t as creative when you have money to throw at a problem. All of us want to have that problem, right?  You can look at a site like www.ourdebtfreelives.com that has a number of different calculators such as a RV Loan Calculator and has great articles on investing.


Who do you want to sell to? Businesses or individuals? Availability plays a big part here. If your full-time job is during the day (like mine) it is difficult to sell to businesses because you simply aren’t available at the times they would want to talk to you. You could focus on providing services to other part-time entrepreneurs who are working after hours as you are. That solves your timing issue, but be sure you are able to grow your revenue independently of how much time your are working. Otherwise, you are self-employed, no a business owner.


Every business basically sells one of four things – products, services, information, or experiences. Hotels sell experiences. Apple sells products. Authors, coaches, and marketing gurus sell information (and sometimes they also sell products, services, and experiences). Tony Robbins and Disney sell experiences. Boise SEO Consultants and designers sell services.

This is one of the areas where business models can get tricky. Diversification of revenue streams (a fancy way to say “having more than one way to make money”) is important. Many sideline business models involve selling more than one of the four things!


We touched on this back in part one – do you want a local business? Or do you want your business based online? Even if it is local, your business still may or may not have a physical location.


This relates back somewhat to “who”. If your business is local, when will it be open? Is it year-round or seasonal?


“How”is the heart of the business model.Sideline Business Model

Just looking at online business models, there are many variations, and new ones being created all the time.

Let’s say you decide to start a blog. That doesn’t describe a business model on its own.  Will you make money through advertising? Promote affiliate offers (commission sales)? Sell your own products (back to information, products, or services)? Create a membership site?

Will it be niche site or an authority site? Will you be the only author or will you accept guests posts or hire article writers to create the content?

Maybe you decide you want to sell products. You could sell them online through one of the marketplace sites like Etsy or Zazzle. You could create your own site and buy ads on Facebook to get people to it. You could sell at a local flea market on weekends. Or you could find a network marketing company and sell through a party plan. Of all the sideline business models, this is probably the one that is most designed especially to be a sideline.


Finally, we circle back to your values again. Every time you make a decision about your business model, you make it because you are choosing between values. Why sell information rather than products? Why focus on the needs of millennials instead of retirees? (Read about the Top Retirement Myths) Why decide to start a network marketing venture rather than develop your own products?

Every time you say yes to one value, you are likely saying no to a different one. That’s why we started with your values and goals. If you were starting a corporation, you would have to answer to shareholders, but this is YOUR company and you only have to answer to yourself, so take your time and design it the way YOU want it (while making sure it will be profitable, of course).

Are You Still Here?

Great! I hope you’ve gotten some value out of this series. As a reward for your diligence, I’ve put together a cheat sheet with all the big questions to ask yourself when you examine sideline business models.

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Here’s some great Budgeting Tips to help you better manage your money.

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